Count Zee Sounds
Count Zee "Collections" part 1 and part 2 are compendiums of mostly instrumental, electronic works from over a 20 year period. Additional license for using these tracks in your project is also available by contacting Count Zee.
Appx. one hour each.

Acid Orangutan "HeMan Woman Haters Club" was featured as the soundtrack music in Howard Stern Show celebrity, Richard Christy's Leaving Grunion County (also available here.) Appx. 30 min.

Vampire Circus features instrumentation by Count Zee and lush vocals by Kim Sharpe.
Now featuring bonus tracks, including the Frost and Fury tracks. Appx. one hour.

"Dethskul", a compilation of new recordings by Count Zee. See description and preview below.

Coming in 2013: "Ghost Train", a collection of music at once, inspired by western films and featuring the Danelectro baritone guitar, and sometimes more edgy in tone.

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Over an hour of new industrial-metal and electronic music from
the incredible new Johnno Zee film!

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El Duce & Gardy Loo!
"Perverts On Parade"
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Over and hour of old-school/doom/
progressive metal from Count Zee
with vocals by Base Apes' Adamned
son Brendan. $7 postage paid!
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