Fists pumping
Heads banging
Tires screaching
Children crying


Skulls Cracking
Knuckles smacking
Legs Buckling
Ugly Duckling


Beware thee this place of terror
The realm of pain do not go there
To meet your doom

It seems like centuries
Since we began this quest
First we conquer then we rest
Assemble the finest all the best
At long last the time has come


Traveling through a wicked world
Holding my head up high
A sword of rightiousness I wield
A shield of protection by my side

Dark forces lurking everywhere
Against immense adversaries I rise
with God on my side I cannot fail
Into the Maelstrom I ride


As beautiful as she is deadly
She fights with honor and might
Ripping through hordes of wickedness
Battling for all that is right

Flying over the northern hills
And stormy seas & dark forests with no fright
She dutifully sends the evil doers descending back
into their veil of forever night

I remember a day I first encountered her
I had fought honorably
On the battlefied against the invading tribe
I was spent, having nothing left inside me
And my vanquishment was nigh
And just before I my enemies blade took my head
I found my weary body lifted up, as if an infant by it's mother
And soaring high above the land


Open up your eyes and mind to see
You are drugged by your culture
Your every sense saturated by the lie
From the time you are born until the day you die

Unplug from the grid to be a free man
The time of your liberation is at hand
You're forever imprisoned until your mind is free
Men cannot profit from your enslavement
If your mind is thinking freely


Just another powermad fuckhead
And what gives you the right
To start shit and push people around
Don't act like you're so entitled
You're a bully and that's not right
To take from others as if you wear a crown

My karma ran over your dogma (four times)

You're a powermad asshole
And you harbour no shame
For the misery you bring to the world
You think you're great but you are lame

One Day when you least expect it
The sky will fall upon your head
The sooner the better I say
Because the civilized world wants you dead


I spent decades of existance in a box
Isolation meant to kill me fueled my will to thrive
You did not destroy me
You set my soul ablaze
As you grew old and fat I grew into more than your slave
You better watch your back for the return of the man in the maze


My world was caving in
So I ventured to the realm of shadows
To seek my fortune
And make my name a legend

The king offered me a bargain
"Mighty warrior, consign to me this day and rule"
"Together we will conquer all we survey"
"All will be ours and to the rest be doom"

I led the king into battle after battle
We defeated clan after clan
Then as we stood victorious upon the tallest peak
Into my back I felt a dagger land
The king laughed and said..
"You fool, you knew I could not let you stand with me"
Although injured I fled, as the king, unprotected, was
soon defeated again

I remember the moment they all turned their backs on me
When rationality and reason called for action
They stood silent and let me fall prey
To the madman and his insanity

Know that God is not mocked and
truths to the honorable remain self evident

In the fullness of time
Your sins will find you out
And you will be punished for your efforts
To destroy the pure and innocent


What we do in life echos in eternity
Battling for good or evil night and day
We are playing for a greater cause
As part of a morality play

Our blood is spilled and our spirits broken
And faced with neverending pain
But one day we pass over from when our spirit was born
To witness the outcome of the great game

We are not flesh ad blood robots
Having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings playing a subjective game

From the great pool and the great spirit's creative spash
We fell into this life pieces of a collective dream
Individual drops ultimately to return to eternity to remain


Unthinkable treachery to decieve
Stabbed in the back by 13
Gathering the names I bide my time
One fateful day vengence is mine

First the prideful lair who syphoned away my gold
Then the one who abandoned me in the cold
The one who brought humiliation and shame
The one who publicly slandered my name

These are the bastards who amount 13

The one who broke my confidence by revealing me to the wolves
The one who tried my sanity by breaking all the rules
The one who shunned me for befriending his battered wife
The one who found great amusement in creating needless strife..

These are the bastards who amass 13

The one who found my worth less than that of my foes
The one who kept audience with snakes and moles
The one who provided convenient information which proved false
The one who cast me to the enemy in a single toss

These are the bastards who equal 13

The great lesson in this life
Is to live with honor, loyalty and integrity
Or you will fall into traps of your own foolishness
Some may be more forgiving..
But tread upon me and I'll add you to my list of 13]

Forbidden Forest

Don't go out there they said
Strange and menacing creatures lurk the night
But I would not head the warnings
I had to face my fright

Moonlight lit my path as I traveled into the woods
Knarled trees and prickly bushes on both sides
I lower my hood
Terrible sounding creatures taunt me from the shadows
I muster up the courage to carry on the best I could

Then all at once a great beast manifested
More terrible than any I'd ever heard
It advanced and so I turned and ran
My legs carrying me as fast as they could
All at once I fell into a muddy hole
The wolrd spinning around me I prepared for my end
the creature reached down and lifted me up
and assured that he was not foe but friend

He said "Do not fear me young boy
As even though my features be terrifying
My heart inside is pure
I'm the last of my kind and so it's been lonely
in these woods"
As while before me he stood

He said his name was Mathias and had turned in the war of myths and man
And that he helped mankind defeat the powers of evil that threatened the dayside lands
He helped banish those of his kind to the night side world of shadows
and that now his only wish was to find the portal as so to return to the netherworld again

Tethered upon the vail and haunting the dreams of children and men
He seached ceaslessly for his journey's end

I ask if I can help him and to which he said "yes"
and that if I open a portal that he could escape forevermore
I pleaded him to help me destroy the evil of men before he would
go and that then he might peacefully return to place and time of long ago

Now there's a new legend about the dragon warrior who soars through the moonlit nights
Searching out evil doers and dispatching them with supernatural might
The once sad beast thrives now again with the help on one honorable man
Together we strive to rid this world of evil before we pass into another
and begin the cleansing again


Braving the hard wind and cold of the gray winter day
Our band of nomadic warriors journey upon our way
To seek the wisdom of the wizard of the north
That he might grant us the prize of a parchment
Which holds the key to a good life

We arrive at the castle keep and at once the wizard appears
His beard is gray and his hair is long and weird
He says that he is dying and happy that we are here
That we must take his magnificent parchment to it's final resting place to end our holy quest

The wizard closes his eyes and passes from this mortal plane
We open the precious scroll and gaze upon it's page

The scroll is a map to a place of wonder and beauty
We travel south to this fabled place
No more cold, famine or worry
This tropical land is now our new home


Once she came into my life sharing kindness
now she wants to destroy me
Wants to take my head
This woman of wickedness and folly

Charms to decieve
Alluring with ease
Souless and diseased


A childhood fascination
Percieving something untrue
A chance opportunity
To come completely unglued

Charms to decieve
Alluring with ease
Souless and diseased

And now I stand renewed
7 years and counting
Never again to fall prey to you
Someone foolish and selfish too
A new man in a new land
Stronger, better and living well
With someone who loves me back - unlike you


Wine - wenches - song

These are the things that our brothers prize
These are the things that make our life
If one would not understand our code
One would be a woman


As an inprisoned mercenary
I was offered freedom for a price
My mission was a strange one to be sure
Enter the slipgate to te ancient realm
And retrieve the priceless artifact

Midieval knights and castles, giants and beasts of lore
under a blood red sky I encountered all these things and more
At one moment in a prehistoric land then emerging into a realm of doom
To a place which man has long forgotten, with trappings of images like hell

Do I stand a chance against such supernatual forces?
Against entities bizarre and malevolent like these?
I brave onward with my warchest of superior implements of war
Against hordes of a forgotten past

God please grant my soul absolution if my body doesn't last

This is my tale of The Quake

Ghouls, fiends, scrags, spawns, shamblers and vores..
Every concievable diabolical demonic creature and more
I dispatch them with my weapons of advanced technology
Before I descend into the heart of darkness and into the lair
of Shubneggarath.


Soaring over unstill seas
We search for lands where we make claim
Discovering new places of beauty and
Broadening the borders of opportunity
Onward we strive to better ourselves and
Forge new roads for those to come

Tradition is our compass and inspiration is our guide

We salute our fathers and comfort our mothers
We mold our children to be more than we were
Let our monuments be the example we those to follow as we build them a better life

And to those who would attempt to destroy us or
take from us I say woe to you for
Your essence becomes dust as our legacy
stands forevermore