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Now available..
"Paranorm Vol. 1" is a concise and comprehensive journey into the world of the unexplained, the strange and the bizarre. Great reading for anyone with an interest in the paranormal. $10
"Make Your Movie Now" is a guide to inspire those with an interest in videography, film or making movies with the family camcorder. It has taken years of expense and experience to gather this information which Johnno is making available to others interested in "chasing their dreams a little harder". $10 (Includes bonus data disc with releases and other content).
"Die Fat Piggy Die" (285 pages) includes enlightening writings about the wonderful world of 'zines and features contributions by many 'zine editors around the 'zine scene of the early '90s. Contains numerous illustrations, cartoons and more vital wisdoms. $20

"Redneck Carnage Director's Edition" includes bonus material and comes with the Premium version of "Zombie Hunger" (parody short about the making of Redneck Carnage), the Redneck Carnage premiere featurette, "How to Make Your Own Halloween Mask" video & more! Plus a guitar pick. $10
Paranorm Volume 1: Ghosts, Cryptids & UFOs/Aliens - 3 hours of research and investigations
by Paranorm staff. $10
"Best of the Best of the Johnno Show  DVD features the best of the original TV show AND the My31 shows! (contains adult content). 3+ hours!$10
"Riff Raff" Heavy Metal magazine features over an hour of game/music/movie reviews, music videos, jokes and more! $10
Paranorm: Tell us your story!
8-1-12 - Johnno has revisits the trucking profession to "accelerate" population of our "American Trucker" YouTube channel. The focus will be upon the people who move this country.

3-2-12 - Dystopia: 2013 article in the Springfield New Leader here.

1-15-12 - Johnno sells out "Dystopia: 2013 premiere" at the Moxie Cinema in Springfield. This is only the 2nd time for the venue, the first time was the Redneck Carnage premiere. New online interview with Johnno here.

10-30-11 - Despite the Cardinal's World Series win, Johnno Zee makes the featured story on the Pulaski County Mirror and The Lebanon Daily Record (read).

10-9-11 - Count Zee's "Redneck Carnage" scheduled to screen on Halloween at a national chain theater in his hometown.

1-23-11 - Count Zee's "Redneck Carnage" wins at The Hollywood Asylum 13 Film Festival (Best FX & Best Feature) in New York City.

5/18/10 - Johnno teams up with other filmmakers following SATO48 - 2010 and launches The Vignette Project, a project for independent filmmakers and video producers. VigProject.com

5/13/10 - Johnno Zee's SATO48 - 2010 entry "Cajun Luv Chicken" was nominated for best film. Please look up SATO48 on YouTube and  watch some amazing offerings from this year!

4/5/09 -REDNECK CARNAGE is now available in all Springfield, Missouri Blockbuster locations as well as through Amazon.com and soon through NetFlix!

3/27/06 - Frost and Fury in rotation as bumper music for the internationally acclaimed Phil Hendrie Show! PhilHendrieShow.com
Phil's response when Johnno Zee suggested he play more Rammstien for bumpers: "Rammstien is for utter faggots It's Euro-Kraut neo-crap. I thought maybe you should know Metal is far superior than techno. Techno is for men with sexual identity issues. Hope you get that worked out. -Phil"

Life as an artist..
Johnno "Count" Zee

Johnno "Count" Zee is my creative name. I am, or have been considered, a filmmaker, author, documentarian, cultural conservationist and musician. I currently reside in the mid-west and have traveled extensively for research, work and leisure.

I started pursuing my interest in the fine arts as a pre-teen and later picked up the guitar and began publishing an "internationally recognized" fanzine. I began work as a professional driver and gained a position as a "roadie" for numerous musical entities in the 90's including The Smashing Pumpkins, Janet Jackson, Beastie Boys, KISS, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, U2 and others. In 2000 I began work on my first public access TV program which gave way to opportunities in the field of moving media, and most recently, into the directions of documentary and feature filmmaking.

I took up the guitar at age 15 and began to produce home demos at age 17. At 19 I formed the band BASE APES with brother, Sam, and best friend, Adam. After the group disbanded a few years later, I traveled to Tampa, Florida to produce two studio albums: Acid Orangutan - "The He-Man Woman Hater's Club" and Vampire Circus at age 24. The latter caught the attention of a band from Tampa, Florida. I joined them for two albums, during which time Anton LaVey cited the act as being ranked alongside bands such as King Diamond, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, just before his death in 1997. Acid Orangutan, on the other hand, caught the ear of Howard Stern show celebrity, Richard Christy, who asked me for permission to score his movie, Leaving Grunion County, with the music from the CD. I said yes and the rest is history. In 2004 I re-joined forces with former band-mate and brother, Sam, for the two song doom metal project, FROST & FURY. I was founder of and guitarist for BOMB SQUAD in 2005 and was instrumentalist and producer for THE TORTURED for a short time between 2000 and 2005. I continued to dabble in home recording, focusing mostly on electronic music and metal. My Acid Orangutan CD became the soundtrack for the movie "Leaving Grunion County" and in 2006, the Frost & Fury demo music was featured as bumper music on the very popular comedy radio talk show, THE PHIL HENDRIE SHOW, until Hendrie retired from radio that same year. Phil returned to radio the following year.
I was first published in Crazy magazine in the 1980's. In the early '90's I entered the world of self-publishing with the infamous 'zine, DIE FAT PIGGY DIE!! The 'zine name was contributed by friend and artist Billy Spicer. Other contributors also included contemporary 'zinesters Randy Crawford, D.B. Velveeda, Tom Crites and Mike Diana, who went on to become the first American comic artist to serve jail time for drawing a comic. I credit Mike Diana for the creation of the moniker, "Count Zee".
My life took a turn at age 37 when my best friend passed away. It was at this time I took time to develop and explore my talent in the field of journalism by writing a book about the paranormal (which I turned  into a popular top-selling DVD. Paranorm: Volume 1 is available.) I later completed a guide for the independent filmmaker called "Make Your Movie Right Now! The First Resource For the Beginner Movie Maker" (also now a YouTube video). "The Best of the Die Fat Piggy Die" compendium is also now available. "Road Work" (tentative), a book with insights into my traveling experiences over the period of 20 years may some day come to pass..

I produced numerous episodes of the local public access phenomenon, The Johnno Show until 2006 and produced content which aired on Howard Stern's iN Demand channel that same year. Previously, I co-edited, starred in and contributed a soundtrack for Richard Christy's (of The Howard Stern Show) early productions. In 2007 I released The Feud, a parody of the infamous Hatfield/McCoy long-standing feud. In 2008 I wrote and produced my first feature, Redneck Carnage. The follow-up production, Momo (a Bigfoot comedy) made it to 85 percent completion before it was shelved. The apocalyptic feature, Dystopia: 2013 failed to secure traditional distribution but enjoys increasing popularity on YouTube. The Best of the Johnno Show, Redneck Carnage and Dystopia are all available. Redneck Carnage won for Best FX and Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Asylum 13 Film Festival in New York City in 2011.
I concieved an endeavor in which I collaberate with fellow indie filmmakers - The Vignette Project.

Please send used CDs, DVDs, books and magazines to the troops in the Gulf. You may use this address: USO AFGHANISTAN, Pat Tillman Memorial USO, Bagram Air Base, APO AE 09354

Adam Reed Patterson
"Eccentrics are people who take a boundless joy in life.. Their minds are always buzzing furiously with ideas. They may fail in a particular endeavor, but society wins by their example. At the root of eccentricity is a healthy and determined irreverence. It is utterly harmless, and a source of decency, tolerance and respect for different views and different people."
-J. Clark

Site updated: 6/24/2014

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"Anyone who has ever been privileged to direct a film also knows that, although it can be like trying to write War and Peace in a bumper car in an amusement park, when you finally get it right, there are not many joys in life that can equal the feeling."
-Stanley Kubrick

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After a 2 year break, resulting from the break-up of ZMG LLC, production is still on hold. Dystopia, however, now reaches over one million views.

We survived the Mayan
apocalypse and Dystopia: 2013 is now
up to over 150K views
on YouTube!

As promised the new Count Zee metal CD is available. Guest vocals by Brendan Patterson. Over an hour of doom-prog-power metal.

Contamination St. Louis has come and gone for another year. Macy and I had a blast hanging out with new friends and visiting with con attendies and celebs alike. We found a fast friend in Road Warrior star, Vernon Wells.

A little advice for any video/movie makers out there.. loop-based music programs are GOOD. License/royalty free song compilation discs are BAD. Got the thumbs up from Sony to use music content in Dystopia but we're replacing the other songs (even using these Footage Firm tracks in YouTube videos gets up violation flags left and right..). Thanks and kuddos to Bryan Arata, Willie Wardlaw and Matt Hyde for contributing music to replace these tracks. Let's face it, these guys are terrific and will bring the film up to a whole new level of awesome!

Titanic sinking in 3-D? Abraham Lincoln zombie killer? In my opinion we're headed down the slippery slope with newer media. Are these concepts innapropriate. Some would say even blasphemous..

"A culture that does not support independent art and music is a culture in decline." How does America compare to other countries in appreciation of indie offerings?

In case anyone was wondering why I decided to suspend my Facebook account.. Well, it appears that I had too many people on the page and in this case lost touch with the people who I need to network with the most. So please friend me at the new profile here.
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