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We have been extremely fortunate to have had many many people help out with the Dystopia: 2013 production to include Lebanon's Ozark Visions, The Christian County Sheriff's Department, the Springfield Mo Police department, the Dynamic Edge Martial Arts Center in Springfield, Eternity Productions of Buffalo, Phenix Marble in Ash Grove, Joe Costello Realty Group, Ozark Hayswings, Springfield, Mo Parks Board, KSPR33, Fireworks Supermarket and many more very cool and talented individuals. Please go to Zomular.US or  VigProject.com to find out about our upcoming projects and how to get involved.

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Zomular Media Group LLC has announced that casting and crew opportunities are open for other projects and that anyone, regardless of age or experience level is welcome to apply. All interested persons are encouraged to either grab, fill out and return the application below or email resume/info, photo, and a link to YouTube performance or send materials to ZMG LLC Pob 1636, Springfield, MO 65801 for consideration. We are seeking principle, secondary and extras as well as additional crew members.

New York City multi-award winning filmmaker, Johnno Zee (Redneck Carnage, Zombie Hunger, Momo, The Johnno Show, Paranorm and the Vignette Project series) will take on new ground with this project, his first feature drama narrative.

Dystopia: 2013 is a film produced in the Ozarks which is about the mythical and mysterious cataclysm which befalls mankind on December 21st, 2012 and what happens next. Centered around 4 characters, each with a back story of what their life was like before it all came crashing down, the film depicts life for these characters as they struggle for survival and strive to discover the cause of the end of civilization as we presently know it.
About us: Zomular Media Group LLC, producers of Dystopia: 2013 and Redneck Carnage is comprised of multiple-award winning filmmakers, 2 film school grads, one certified steadicam operator and many more talented people. Members of our cast and crew were also involved in the production of the multiple-Oscar nominated/Sundance Grand Jury prize winner, Winters Bone. We are fortunate enough to utilize over $150,000 worth of equipment on loan from the Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield and private interests for 2013. The production of 2013 is being followed by a few different distributors and will hopefully hit the marketplace by the end of the year.

"Life on Set"
by Erika McKinley

Picture this: You are sitting in your favorite theater and the movie you just watched is over. Credits are sliding over the screen at the far end of the room. Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I wonder what those people are like on set?" It truly depends on the people involved, but in the case of Dystopia: 2013 the people involved are one big family on set.
On Saturday, April 2 scenes from the up-and-coming film were recorded at the Creamery Arts Center at 411 N. Sherman parkway. At roughly 7:50 a.m. cars began to fill the small parking lot. One of them is a pink car. The driver steps out and her pinned back hair matches in color. She is wearing a floral shirt and a purple skirt. A man in a green car is reading over some papers, maybe a script, and he is wearing wide-rimmed glasses. Another car houses a younger looking male in it. He is drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew. On the other side of the lot a middle aged man wearing a brown suit with dark hair and a moustache is pacing around. At 7:59 a.m. the man of the hour arrives, Johnno Zee. He is wearing a black, diamoned patterned Dickies jacket, plain jeans, and brown slip-on shoes that look like Vans.
Everyone is lead into the building and into a room with six offices. The group is relatively quiet. The group signs release papers and then the day truly begins. Macy Patterson starts to put high definition make up on the actors. A couple of McDonalds bags are presented on the table for everyone to take from. The crew hustle around getting prepared as the actors wait seated around the tables. Johnno, who had been talking with the camera crew in the hall, walks in and asks, "Any questions? Comments? Concerns?" and is answered with silence, "Okay, good." Everyone begins to lighten up, and a small burst of laughter flows around the room.
As the day progresses everyone becomes more comfortable with everyone else. Jokes fly back and forth constantly and somewhere in the room there is at least one person smiling or laughing. The only time there is ever any silence is when Macy is preparing everyone to shoot. "Quiet on set!" is shouted out more than once that day. Conversations had in the walls of the Creamery range from hearse limos with flames, the economy, and lunch to groundhogging, "That one special thing", and coolers filled with caffeine.
The ages of the actors alone range from the teens to middle age. Brandon Johnson, for example, is a 17 year old secondary actor. He is a student at Pleasant Hope and has studied basic video production, still photography, and newsroom and radio presenting. Leah Samson is a 21 year old actress playing the role of an impersonal secretary. "I'm majoring in acting right now." she said. Emerald Goodson, the aforementioned colorful young lady, turns out to be a 19 year old vegetarian. She is another secondary actress, playing the part of a doey eyed new secretary. Her mom convinced her to audition, but she's enjoying working with everyone. Rob Dean, age 49, is a primary actor playing the part of David. He has worked with AT&T, putting on skits for monthly sales meetings and he and another manager would do weekly Hans and Franz routines. In high school he was in plays and two-person pieces. Some of his favorite moments on set are any time Johnno and Vincent look at each other smiling and say, "That's the one - circle it!" and talking with his fellow actor, Cody Brown. "He's a great guy, very knowledgeable and really cares about his craft." Rob greatly enjoys working with the Dystopia: 2013 crew.
"We have an amazing group. Johnno has a great core group he works with and his light but purposeful approach to directing really creates an environment where people have fun, have input into the creative process, and can do their best work. Did I mention we have FUN? And we have some very talented folks making this movie."
Behind the camera is the young director of photography, Vincent Bearden. He learned some of his trade from OTC before attending Full Sail University. He is spotted running around set with what appears to be a sci-fi style weapon of media obliteration strapped to his chest. Fortunately for everyone, it is just a Steadicam, which allows for smooth, Hollywood-style panning. The full set up of all the filming equipment is valued at over $100,000.
The sound technician, Jim Daniel, also loves working with the Dystopia: 2013 crew. "It's a blast! These guys are fun and we laugh a lot. All the actors are great." He's learning on the spot, but he DJs at schools, weddings, and clubs. He keeps the battery levels of the microphones in check with a set up of sound recording and mixing equipment strapped to his chest. "It gets heavy after a while."
Throughout the day everyone kept everyone else comfortable and happy. Everyone was a friend and a helping hand to those around. Life on the set of Dystopia: 2013 is like spending time with your friends and family. Everyone takes care of everyone else and no one gets left out.

2013 cast application info (Be in the next movie!)
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There is hope at the end of the world.

2012 DOOMSDAY PROGNOSTICATORS: The ancient Mayans, The ancient Chinese, Nostradamus, Kalki Bhagavan (guru), Jose Arguelles and Terence McKenna (New Age philosophers). The Mayan b'ak'tun indicates that the end may fall on December 21st or 23rd of 2012.

DEATH of the 6th SUN
Mayan ages are represented by cyclic destruction and re-creation of the world, launched by the death of numbered suns (or as we know these occassions, solar eclipse events). 1519 marked the death of the 4th sun giving birth to a prophesied age of "darkenss and ignorance", which was to end at the death of the 5th sun on July 11th, 1991. This would bring forth the age of the 6th sun which would be a time marked by "earth changes" and a new "cosmic awareness" brought on by encounters with the "masters of the stars". Our current 6th sun is scheduled to "die" in 2012, the same year (according to astronomical and astrological predistions) that we move from the well-ordered age of Pisces into the chaotic age of Aquarius and measured by the 28,000 year phenomenon known as the "Precession of the Equinox", which in the past has been attributed for world cataclysims to include polar shifts.

As we begin the Chinese Year of the Dragon we note the supernatural feathered serpent of Maya and Aztec lore, Quetzalcoatl, who will bathe the Earth in flood and fire. The Dragon is also the first in the Unholy Trinity. At the end of days, an obscure astrological sign of the zodiac, Ophiucus (aka Serpentarius) "causes destiny to unfold", in a celestial event represented in Hieroglyphics in the pyramids at Giza, where it's stated that a gap exists between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. He can also can bring the dead back to life. Also of note is the Norse serpent, Jormungand.

In 1947, the symbolic timepiece was created by scientists at the University of Chicago to represent the time remaining on Earth before humans witness global catastrophy. The closer the hands move to midnight on the clock, the closer we are to total annihilation. In the last 65 years, 19 events have moved the hands on the metaphorical clock. In January of 2012 the clock hand was moved to 5 minutes till midnight.

Translated from Old Norse as "final destiny of the gods," Ragnarok refers to a series of events, including a great battle, a set of natural disasters, and the flooding of the earth. Afterward, the world resurfaces fertile and anew.

The word comes from the Hebrew har megiddo, meaning "mountain of Megiddo", a plateau in Northeast Israel, where according to Christian interpretations, there will be the final battle between good and evil and the "Lamb" will defeat the "Beast".

Ancient Persian's concept of the apocalypse is the oldest in all of recorded history. After a final battle between good and evil, all traces of sadness, disease, poverty and death will disappear and the world will reach perfection.

Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566)
(In 2012) "A great star will blaze for seven days". Some interpret this to mean the end of the world by a collision with a heavenly body. Some New Age doomsday proponents believe Earth will collide with a celestial body called "Planet X" or "Nibiru".

"If I sit here any longer, I'm gonna have a severe case of asteroids!"
Collision with an asteroid less than a mile in diameter could conceivably end all civilization on Earth.
Russian scientists believe that if we survive 2012 that we face extinction by an asteroid on April 13th, 2036. NASA scientists predict the event will occur in the year 2029.

In the 18th Century, Sir Isaac Newton proposed a theory based on calculations he derived from study of the Book of Daniel, that the apocalypse could happen no sooner than the year 2060. Then again, Mr. Newton died a virgin and
had way too much time on his hands.

Large Hadron Collider
Some fear the doomsday possiblities with the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator, which is near Geneva, Switzerland. Opponents submit that the supercollider might actually produce small black holes or strangelets (particles that convert all other connecting matter into strangelets, potentially converting the entire earth into dark matter.)

The former, developed in 1872 submits that the axis connecting the earth's poles will suddenly reposition itself, causing numerous cataclysmic natural disasters. The later theorizes that in 2012 the sun will emit a massive solar flare equal in energy to 100 billion atomic bombs causing magnetic pole reversal. Proponents of the Violent Solar Activity Theory believe this year might prove to be the climax of the 13,000 solar cycle.

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Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
- Matthew 24:34-36

es-cha-tol-o-gy (n): a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or humankind
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